10 Low Cost Business Ideas for College Students

10 Low Cost Business Ideas for College Students

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Just except one thing, all students are lacking. Can you guess which thing is that? Money, yes you were right!

It is not unusual for students to earn a few bucks on the side so I made this article on simple student business ideas which everyone can do.

10 Low-Cost Business Ideas for College Students

  • Cleaning service: You could start your own cleaning service in free time. You can start with online advertising to find your clients. Once you find clients, make sure you gain their trust so they feel free to refer you to your other future customers! Start up cost is up to $50.
  • Moving service Movers can earn up to $200 per single move. But you need to be able to lift heavy objects and you must have the ability to move large items and furniture with ease.
  • Child caretaker: Do you love kids? If so, this could be your perfect opportunity. Whether it is taking care of kids or picking them up from school, you will still be able to earn some money.
  • Tutor: Are you really good with any subject? You could use that as an advantage and help other fellow students while you earn money.
  • Event organizer/promoter: Do you think you have exceptional communication skills and organizational skills? This could be good business to make money.
  • Resume writing services: You could offer resume writing services to other students if you think you are a good writer. Make sure you perfect your skills on your own resume first.
  • Bookkeeping: Do you have any basic knowledge in accounting and math? Make sure you use your skills to get most out of them.
  • Jewellery Maker: You don’t need to be professional jewellery maker to start your own jewellery line. Start by making simple stuff like bracelets, and you can offer them and sell them online.
  • Delivery and errand service: People are busy. You can use this as an opportunity to run errands or deliver for a busy professional or even some elderly lady.
  • Freelancer as writer and blogger: You think you have interesting stuff to share with people? Or you think you are a good writer and you could help people out when they need it? Then this could be your perfect way to earn money.

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Maybe you will find one thing you are good at, or you could combine few of them. Whatever works for you and if it brings you money in your free time, it is great.

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