Engr.Md.Rezaul Karim
Principal(Addl. Charge)
Narsingdi polytechnic institute
Phone: 02-9451662
Mobile: 01992008002
Email: nrspoly@gmail.com

Head of the Departments

Md. Mahbubur Rahman
Chief Instructor
Head of the Department(Non-Tech).
Mobile No: 01715374794
E-mail: m.rahman0145@yahoo.com

Engr. Md. Alamgir Sarker
Chief Instructor (RAC)
Head of the Department (RAC)
Mobile No. : 01969064065
E-mail: alamgirbpi@gmail.com

Engr. A. F. M. Mizanur Rahman
Chief Instructor(Computer)
Head of the Department (Computer)
Mobile No. : 01913183235
E-mail: a.f.m.mizanurrahman@gmail.com

Engr. Md. Mynul Islam
Instructor (Tech) Civil
Head of the Department (Civil)
Mobile No: 01718001456

Engr. Md. Khurshed Alam
Head of the Department (Food)
Instructor (Tech) Food
Mobile No: 0171-
E-mail: nrspoly@gmail.com

Md Rahidul Alam
Head of the Department(Electrical)
Instructor (Tech) Food
Mobile No. : 01875044463
E-mail: nrspoly@gmail.com

CIVIL Department

Engr. Md. Mynul Islam
Instructor (Tech) Civil
Mobile No: 0171-8001456
E-mail: mynul99@gmail.com

Engr. Ratan Chandraw Pul
Instructor (Tech) Civil
Mobile No: 01707597598
E-mail: ratancpul@gmail.com

Md. Kabir Hossain
Instructor (Tech) Civil
Mobile No: 01717207006
E-mail: kabirhiliplged@gmail.com

Nishita Mondol
Junior Instructor (Tech) Civil
Mobile No: 01731214187
E-mail: nishitamondol@yahoo.com

Computer Department

Maksuda Parvin Mukul
Instructor (Tech) Computer
Mobile No. : 01714464240
E-mail: mukulcse@gmail.com

Md. Shohel Rana
Junior Instructor (Tech) Computer
Mobile No: 01717691490
E-mail: mdshohelrana81@gmail.com

Md. Ekramul Hoque
Instructor (Tech) Computer
Mobile No: 01770020103
E-mail: mehmra@gmail.com

Krishna Chandra Malaker
Junior Instructor (Tech) Computer
Mobile No: 01912-212298
E-mail: krishna_cmt06@yahoo.com

Md. Palash Hossain
Junior Instructor (Tech) Computer
Mobile No: 01729933033
E-mail: palashhossain@gmail.com

RAC Department

Md. Alamgir Hossain
Instructor (Tech) RAC
Mobile No: 017-
E-mail: nrspoly@gmail.com

Md. Mubarak Hossain
Junior Instructor (Tech) RAC
Mobile No: 01723442409
E-mail: mubarakbaad2@gmail.com

Md. Shahnewaz
Junior Instructor (Tech) RAC
Mobile No: 01915537655
E-mail: shanewazrana@gmail.com

Md. Masud Rana
Instructor (Tech) RAC, STEP
Mobile No: 01922907907
E-mail: mrana3322@ymail.com

FOOD Department

Hafiza Sultana Asha
Instructor (Tech) Food
Mobile No: 01724420435
E-mail: hsasha1981@gmail.com

Mohammad Rahidul Alam
Instructor (Tech) Food
Mobile No: 01819052418
E-mail: rahidul.alam@gmail.com

A. Alim
Junior Instructor (Tech) Food
Mobile No: 01913417771
E-mail: alimmahmud81@gmail.com

Khaleda Yesmin
Junior Instructor (Tech) Food
Mobile No: 01739837107
E-mail: khaledamak@gmail.com

Md. Nuruzzaman
Junior Instructor (Tech) Food
Mobile No: 01722560284
E-mail: nuruzzamanshu@yahoo.com


Md. Forhad Mia
Jr. Instructor (Tech) Electrical


N.M.Ukal Uddin
Instructor (Non-tech) English
Mobile No: 01714889193

Mohammad Kawsar Ahamed Instructor (Non-tech) Math Mobile No: 01726144771. E-mail: kawsarahmmedpi@gmail.com

Md. Yeasin Miah
Instructor (Non-tech) Physics, STEP
Mobile No: 01911776589
E-mail: yeasinmd08@gmail.com

Md. Shakir Hossain
Junior Instructor (Non-Tech) Chemistry, STEP.
Mobile No: 01736856963